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How Do Auxins Promote The Growth Of A Tendril Around A Support - Wewritepro

How Do Auxins Promote The Growth Of A Tendril Around A Support


Tendril Growth and Auxins: Tendrils are specialized plant structures that enable climbing plants to attach to and climb up supports, such as trellises, fences, or other vegetation. The growth of tendrils around a support is facilitated by the hormone auxin, which plays a crucial role in regulating plant growth and development. Auxins are primarily produced in the apical meristem of plants and are responsible for various physiological processes, including cell elongation, cell division, and tropic responses.

1. Perception of Unequal Auxin Distribution: The process of tendril growth initiation begins when the plant perceives an uneven distribution of auxin, typically due to light exposure or mechanical stimulation. This uneven distribution creates a gradient of auxin concentration, with higher levels on the shaded side of the tendril and lower levels on the illuminated side.

2. Differential Cell Elongation: In response to the uneven distribution of auxin, cells on the shaded side of the tendril experience higher auxin concentrations, leading to increased cell elongation. This differential cell elongation causes the tendril to bend towards the support structure, seeking physical contact.

3. Activation of Cell Wall-Modifying Enzymes: As the tendril bends towards the support, auxin activates specific cell wall-modifying enzymes, such as expansins and xyloglucan endotransglucosylase/hydrolases (XTHs). These enzymes facilitate the loosening and restructuring of cell wall components, allowing the cells to elongate and bend in the direction of the support.

4. Enhanced Cell Growth on the Shaded Side: The higher auxin concentration on the shaded side of the tendril promotes increased cell growth and elongation in this region. This asymmetrical growth pattern results in the tendril bending towards the support, where it can make physical contact and begin to coil or wrap around the structure.

5. Tropic Responses and Thigmotropism: Tendrils exhibit positive tropic responses, meaning they grow towards stimuli such as supports or structures that provide mechanical support. This directional growth response, known as thigmotropism, is mediated by auxin and enables the tendril to efficiently locate and coil around a support for stability and climbing.

6. Formation of Adhesive Pads or Curling: Once the tendril makes contact with the support, it may form specialized adhesive pads or curl around the structure to secure attachment. This process involves further auxin-mediated cell elongation and differential growth, enabling the tendril to adhere firmly to the support surface and provide structural support for the climbing plant.


Auxins play a crucial role in promoting the growth of tendrils around a support by regulating cell elongation, tropic responses, and thigmotropism. Through differential auxin distribution and activation of cell wall-modifying enzymes, auxins facilitate the bending and coiling of tendrils towards support structures, enabling climbing plants to anchor and climb efficiently. Understanding the mechanisms by which auxins promote tendril growth provides valuable insights into plant physiology and adaptation strategies for climbing plants in their natural environment.

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